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Get The Highest Ranking CSGO Prime Account Now!

If you’re looking for CSGO Prime Accounts, then this is the right place. This guide talks about the items you can access by getting a CSGO Prime Account for yourself. First of all, let’s break down what exactly CSGO Prime Accounts entail.

What Is A CSGO Prime Account?

CSGO Prime Accounts are a type of account that grants you the best chance at quality items. They’re highly prized in-game because they have no level restriction so that anyone can open them from any rank on their profile.

A CSGO Prime Account is created when someone opens an unranked game and goes through all the ranks up to 21. When this happens, there will be a star next to your CSGO Profile Level indicating you have access to prime matchmaking – now named “Prime Status.”

How To Access A CSGO Prime Account?

CSGO Prime Accounts are unlocked when you reach rank 21 in CS: GO. The game will automatically upgrade your account to Prime status, and it will be noted on the top of your CS: GO Profile Level with a star (indicated as “Prime Status”).

Quality Items On CSGO Prime Account?

There are many benefits to having a CSGO Prime Accounts. One advantage is that they allow anyone at any level to open them – without breaking their bank!

Another benefit is that they have no restrictions so that everyone can get quality items from within one case opening.

You’re also guaranteed an item worth $0-$99 or more if you purchase this type of CSGO account compared to buying cases individually, where there’s no guarantee what kind of items you’ll find. CS: GO Prime Accounts are like a cheat code for CS players but at an affordable price! So what are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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