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What to ensure before launching a product got from an OEM?

Before launching the product you got from a own brand products (produk jenama sendiri), you should ensure the following.
Buying tons of cosmetic products from an OEM company alone would not elevate your brand. You have to make sure that your product helps the customers in some ways. So, you should keep an eye on the quality of the product coming out of the OEM factory. Although certified companies would create the best, it is better to check the quality.
If you look at a cosmetic product bottle, there will be a wrapper containing several information about the product. For instance, it would show the customer all the ingredients and chemicals present in the product. It will also show the effects and warnings of using the same. This wrapper is known as a label and it plays a vital role in the cosmetics business. It is your responsibility to get the label right with no false statements or inclusions. You should declare all the necessary information on the label.
Certified products
When it comes to food, medicine, and skincare products, people would beware of the standards as any deviation in the quality of the products would cause serious issues. So, they would check whether the product is from a certified manufacturer. Certified manufacturers are none but those who have got approval from the quality-checking bodies who would conduct rigorous checking of the equipment and ingredients used in the production processes. So, you should always go with a certified OEM.
Would you buy a product when it looks bad? Usually, people will consider a cosmetic product inefficient if the packaging is not up to the mark. So, you should work along with the OEM company and try out varying designs and methods of packaging.

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